Harrington Hall is now named after its most famous former resident, Timothy Charles Harrington. His mother was an O’Sullivan Beare and Harrington grew up a nationalist.

He was on a fund-raising tour of the USA with Dillon on behalf of the Plan when the split occurred in the Parnellite party. He supported his leader from the USA and continued his allegiance on his return, but after Parnell’s death fell in with Richmond. He was secretary of the Irish National League (1882-95).

He was Lord Mayor of Dublin from 1901 to 1903, married in 1892 to Elizabeth, second daughter of the late Dr. E. O’Neill, of Dublin and issued two sons and three daughters. He continued to sit as a member of the Irish Redmonite party until his death. He suffered a seizure in the House of Commons in 1910 and died in 70 Harcourt Street, now Harrington Hall. MPs earned little then and the family were split up and had to leave the house. One son, Niall, went to relatives in Kerry and later became a lieutentant colonel in the Irish army and wrote a famous book about the civil war, the Kerry Landings.

In later years Harrington Hall was turned into a high-class family hotel known as the County Hotel. In 1943 the Sisters of the Holy Child purchased the property and provided accommodation for girls who came to work and study in Dublin.